These are the last group of pictures from our trip to Manteo, NC, the Outer Banks and Wanchese, NC; on our last day there we ended up at the Roanoke Island Festival Park. There are numerous things to do and see. It is wonderfully interactive and fun for people of all ages. I highly recommend checking it out the next time you find yourself in or near Manteo, NC. Since this was our last day there, I didn’t take too many pictures after we left the festival park. However, if you do get the opportunity, I recommend walking around downtown Manteo and checking out the Roanoke Island Lighthouse as well. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to climb the steps there either. It’s definitely worth a walk through though; its not very large so it won’t take long.


I kind of wanted to climb this thing just to see what it would be like.


Honestly, I love being on boats and on the water. So much fun.


I couldn’t get over the weight of this rope. SO heavy!


I don’t think I’ve ever seen an anchor up close so this picture had to happen.


You get to make stuff! My husband gave it a try, but I was more interested in taking pics. 🙂


This is the Roanoke Island Lighthouse; I think I should have laid down on the bridge to get the photo. Always a good idea to get multiple angles of your subject.


There was a small boat inside the lighthouse. Like I said, its not very large.


A portion of downtown Manteo; I love the clock and the proximity to the water. Downtown Manteo is beautiful with many shops and restaurants to visit.

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