One of my favorite places to visit is the beach. I’m slowly beginning to like the mountains too, but the beach still tops my list so I was excited when I found out one of the major field trips my kids’ school was taking was to Fort Macon. I couldn’t wait to go and see what was around there. Fort Macon is located at Atlantic Beach, NC which is a few hours drive from where we live. Since this field trip was at the beach, we made plans to spend longer out there than we did when we went to Fayetteville.

There is so much to see at Fort Macon and they do some reenactments too. By the time we got there (we were a little late) the demonstration had already started and the young man was telling the children about being a soldier at Fort Macon during the time it was an actual fort rather than a state park. He showed the children how soldiers used gunpowder for firing ammo out of their weapons. And pointed out just how risky it could be for a soldier in that time to even load their weapons. However, my son wanted to explore and just couldn’t sit still through the demonstration. So we ended up listening to the demonstration – I took pictures and my son played with his fire truck that he brought with him.

There are quite a few canons on the premises and some other cool areas to check out. I didn’t quite force my son to explore with me more so we could take pictures, but it’s a great excuse for us to go back again.

There is a cistern on the premises and a gazebo with a nice seating area. We decided to spend a little time in this area before heading out to spend time at the beach and grab some lunch.

It was nice to spend time in a shady area before heading to the very sunny beach. And the information on the panels inside the gazebo were interesting to read.

Another nice seating area, which was more of a picnic area, had a nice fountain in it which I couldn’t resist getting a picture of. For me, there is something really soothing about the sound of running water.

After forcing my son to spend some time here at the fort on the field trip and after about 10 questions about heading to the beach and when, it was time to leave so we walked across the parking lot to a small beach area where you couldn’t get into the water, but could play in the sand. Since that’s all he really wanted to do, he was a happy camper.

As you can see, what he really wanted to do was play with that fire truck in the sand and was happy to do just that for hours until he got hungry. After playing here for a while, we stopped to get some food before heading home. I’m sure we’ll be heading back to Fort Macon so we can explore the areas I didn’t get to this time. And possibly visit some other fun or historical attractions in the area. Plenty of history to see.

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