Life gets busy sometimes and ours has been no exception to that. Just more busy than normal recently. I learned that homeschooling two children is not in any way easy and is very time consuming (more on that in a later post – maybe) anyway, I haven’t had the chance to post many of our travels or vacations, but better late than never. 🙂 Last year we went to Fayetteville on a field trip with the kids’ school; we went to an art gallery and a museum. It was (what I call) a quick trip because we only spent a few hours there

Afterwards we did a little photo walk and grabbed some lunch. I didn’t take photos of lunch because I was hungry and couldn’t wait to eat, plus I didn’t get the name of the restaurant we ate at. The food was good though.

Afterwards though, we walked past this dessert shop and I saw the word “mini cheesecake” on the sign outside the restaurant. Naturally, because I love cheesecake I just had to go inside and order one of these mini cheesecakes. The name of the restaurant is The Sweet Palette and it was worth the visit!

See? “Mini Cheesecakes” – I couldn’t resist and they were so good. I ordered two mini cheesecakes: a plain one and strawberry or some fruit cheesecake. I didn’t get the chance to try a macaroon, but I’ve been interested in trying to bake my own so I think I’ll head back sometime just to try one.

Since I love cheesecakes and desserts, I was more than happy to take a few photos of these adorably cute and tasty cheesecakes.

I couldn’t finish both after having lunch, but I do recommend stopping by this store if you find yourself in or around downtown Fayetteville. I especially recommend this place if you love cheesecake like I do. And if you have a macaroon before I head back, please let me know how they are in the comments below!

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to come back for the book reviews! Another one is coming soon!