I’m behind by three weeks already, I know. I’m sorry I’ve been slacking on the weekly posts. But, better late than never, right? So, after doing the downtown Raleigh photo walk, my husband and I have been pretty hooked on doing photo walks of other cities and towns near us. I’m sure you can tell that by now. 🙂 My parents live fairly close by and offered to watch the children for us one weekend since the children had been asking. They’re quite wonderful really. So, we took the kids over to their house and afterward we met up with my sister-in-law and did a photo walk of downtown Cary.

It was a lot of fun and Cary has changed a lot from when my family and I first moved there in the 90’s. There is still a lot of construction going on in downtown Cary, but we avoided taking pictures of those areas. I’m going to get back into the habit of critiquing my photos since that is the point of my blog. It is important to me that I develop a critical eye of my own photos so that I can get better at telling a good photo from a terribly bad photo. It also helps me to get better at taking pictures while I’m shooting, rather than just taking a bunch of photos with the idea of fixing them in Lightroom or Photoshop later. I hope you enjoy the photos and as always, thanks for following along!


This is NC State’s slogan or motto for now which I like. I see these banners all around campus and decided to try to capture a photo of one. The photo would be much cooler if there was a row of these banners going down the street. This was a decent practice shot.


Pink flowers are in bloom on campus and I just had to snap a few photos of them. When I first reviewed this photo in camera, I was not overly impressed with how it turned out. After not looking at it for a while and seeing it again, I actually like the way it turned out. I’ve been shooting at f/3.5 recently for all of my shots and loving how my photos are turning out.


This picture; at first I tried to get only the Amtrak sign, but none of those photos were turning out right (a clue that it would be a good idea to change lenses), but I didn’t think to do that. Instead I tried to capture it using my 20 mm and should have switched to my 50 mm to see if I could have captured it in a more interesting way. I will have to head back and try again.


I tried to edit this picture in Lightroom and still missed the mark a little with the cropping. However, it was cool to see my ultra-wide-angle lens capture this entire building from where I was standing. I love my 20 mm when doing photo walks and capturing buildings. I will also have to go back and capture this building from a different angle. It is the Page-Walker Building and I believe it is an art center, but don’t quote me on that.


This is one of my favorite buildings in Cary, NC. I love how big it is and the design. Sometimes a simple design is the best way to go and this building is no exception. This is one the many reasons I just love my ultra-wide-angle lens; I didn’t even have to cross the street to capture this gorgeous building.


There are a lot of small businesses in downtown Cary. This one has been around ever since I moved to NC in the 90s. I also did not have to cross the street to take this photo. Love my 20 mm ultra-wide-angle lens.


This is the new (or new to me) theatre they put in downtown Cary. Personally, I think every downtown should have a movie theatre in it. This was one time when I wish I could have backed up a little bit to catch more of the sign.


So, I was more interested in the gate in front of the windows, but no matter how close I got, the photos didn’t turn out right. This was probably the best shot I got, but you can see how one side is totally blown out. I should have toned it down, but doing that jeopardized the other parts of the building that were in the shade. It still might have turned out better had I changed to manual mode and messed with my setting a bit more.


I’ve seen these all over the place and just loved the way it was placed in this building. This is one angle I love to use with my ultra-wide-angle lens.


Noticed this cute little building as well. I knew Cary had a farmer’s market, but just didn’t know where it was, but now I do.


This old VW Bus just had to happen too. I’m not a fan of UNC by any stretch of the imagination (I’m a Wolfpack girl), but I do love cars and old ones at that. Only real downside to this photo is you can see my shadow off the side.


I took a photo of this line of trees because they seem to progressively get leafier (is that a word? It sounds good) and they also gradually get taller. It just seemed like photography gold to me.


We were walking all over downtown Cary snapping photos and I decided that I hadn’t taken a picture of my shoes in a while (which was a regular last year during my project 365). So here is a picture of the shoes I was wearing that day. These are some of my absolute favorite shoes because of their style and colors. I purchased these sneakers while I was studying in Spain in college and I still get compliments on them. 🙂


You know me, train tracks and leading lines. We just can’t seem to leave each other alone and this is one my favorite pictures I’ve taken of train tracks and using leading lines so far. I had a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to next photo walk.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I appreciate your support and hope you’ll come back to check on the other photos I’ve taken. I’ll be catching up this week, so you will see a lot more photos and posts than you’re used to. I’m hoping to get all caught up so I’m no longer behind. We’ll see though; sometimes life just gets in the way. Until next time, keep snapping!