NAVY Wife by Debbie Macomber is a contemporary romance novel; a young woman named Lindy, who recently went through a bad break up, decides to move to Seattle to start over; her brother, Steve, is on active duty in the U.S. Navy and lives with a fellow service member and his best friend, Rush. Rush received his orders and is about to head out to sea on the naval ship, but due to some last minute problems with the ship, his deployment gets delayed and for Rush, that means he’ll be on land longer than he’d like. Rush enjoys his career and has loved water since he was a boy. Since Steve never mentioned to Rush that his sister would be moving in until she an find a job and get on her feet, Rush is surprised, annoyed, irritated and a little angry when he arrives home to find someone else’s (he notices it’s women’s clothing) things have been put away in Steve’s closet and dresser – I don’t think Lindy is in the room during the time he’s in the room observing and taking all of these new items in.

I believe Lindy is in the shower during this time (I’ve read a few books since finishing the book and before writing the book review, which is not my usual process, and this is why it won’t happen again), anyway I digress, Rush goes back to his room to unpack and calm down; he believes that Lindy is a rebound girl for Steve, who recently divorced his wife, who has decided on her own that she would move in and live there. He decides that he is going to confront her to demand she leave no later the next morning. 

He confronts her as she is coming out of the shower and delivers his demand after an awkward and somewhat heated exchange regarding why she’s there. Lindy is furious and decides she’ll leave as early as she can because she wouldn’t want to spend another minute in the same place as Rush. It’s not until Lindy is getting ready to leave the next morning that something she said the previous night in their argument registers in Rush’s mind – that she was invited there by her brother, Steve – he realizes that he made a huge mistake in demanding that she leave and in thinking she was a rebound girl without asking any questions. He tries to smooth things over with Lindy, but she’s still not 100% happy with the way he reacted to the situation and Rush is not very good at communicating. After some time and a few sincere apologies, Rush is finally able to convince Linday to stay in the apartment as she agreed to do with her brother whom Rush respects and gets along with well. 

Usually, Rush likes to spend time alone and has, seemingly, shunned relationships with any women after his bad breakup with his previous girl. He doesn’t want anything to do with them, but has a lot of married friends with kids which always makes him reflect on his own life. The longer Rush and Lindy live together, the more difficult it becomes for Rush to ignore his growing attraction to and feelings for Lindy. Also, Lindy can’t deny her growing attraction to and feelings for Rush. They begin to spend more time together and one of Rush’s friends notices that he seems eager to get home after ending his shift when he wasn’t like that before. Lindy and Rush learn more about each other the more they chat while eating dinner, or over breakfast, or the other activities they enjoy. Eventually Lindy is offered a job, so she buys some steaks for Rush to grill for dinner to celebrate her success. They enjoy a nice meal for two and after that night their relationship begins to move quickly. Rush is clearly disappointed when he finds out the ship has been repaired sooner than anticipated and originally reported, and that he’ll be deploying sooner than he thought; he wants to spend more time with Lindy. Breaking the news to her wasn’t easy – she was clearly upset and caught off-guard, but also determined to marry Rush before his deployment. 

It’s Lindy’s turn to convince Rush of something – she works tirelessly to convince Rush why they should get married after only knowing each other for a few weeks and how he wouldn’t be taking advantage of her vulnerable state after her breakup and how she doesn’t want to be engaged, she wants to be married; after some time, Rush agrees to marry Lindy for his own reasons and some of the points that Lindy made. They elope or have a small ceremony with friends and small reception afterward, but they couldn’t wait to get home to consummate their love. In the morning, Steve returns home to find Rush in bed with Lindy and loses it – he grabs Rush out of bed, yelling at him and threatening him. During his tirade, Lindy has to yell over him numerous times that she and Rush are married. Once Steve registers what she tells him, he looks shocked, then angry and finally leaves the room. 

Lindy wants to go with Rush to explain everything to her brother, but he asks her (almost pleads with her) to give him and Steve some time alone to discuss it first and after a specified number of minutes, then she could join them in the main room. After some discussion, Lindy accedes his request and stays in the room. She can hear them yelling accusations and defenses for quite some time, but after the agreed upon amount of time passes, Lindy heads out to help smooth things over with her brother. It doesn’t go very well because he’s still upset about the news, so Steve decides to leave the house so he can clear his head and calm down. Although this bothers Lindy since she doesn’t want her brother to be upset with her since she hasn’t seen him in a while and would like to be able to spend time with him comfortably, she decides that she doesn’t have much time left to spend with her husband and doesn’t want to waste that time with him being upset or worried. 

The remainder of the story tells of how Rush and Lindy’s marriage holds up during his deployment – there are many challenges for them and doubts about their decision to get married so soon after meeting and if they really know each other. They have a lot left to learn about each other and themselves. Lindy has to learn about being married to the military – what it means to be the spouse of a military service member – she’s lucky to have a solid support group in a band of other wives whose husbands serve with Rush on the same ship. Although I enjoyed the story’s premise and some parts of the story, compared to the romance novels that I love, this did hit the mark. It’s a beautiful story and I’m probably biased toward it because I’m married to a navy vet, but I don’t see myself picking up this book again and again to read in its entirety or even favorite parts. It just didn’t do anything for me and I wasn’t really pulled into the story. If I had to choose a favorite character from this book it would be Rush because some of his mannerisms and way of talking remind me of my husband.

I grabbed this book at a library book sale (explaining the library stuff on the book spine) luckily I got the book at a great deal and don’t feel like I wasted money even though the book isn’t a home run for me. I’m not sure I would recommend the story to others since I didn’t enjoy it much myself, but I’m sure those who love a good military themed romance novel would enjoy this love story and fans of Debbie Macomber’s writing/works would enjoy this novel. If, after reading this book review, you’re on the fence about whether you want to read this book or not, I recommend checking with a local library first to see if they have an available copy to check out or if there is a friend you can borrow it from (if either of them have a copy); another possible option is a used bookstore, and of course, there’s Barnes and Noble which is selling only the ebook for $1.99! Not a bad price for a book that you may or may not enjoy.

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