Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us by Donald Trump Jr. is a non-fiction, current events and politics book; in this book, Don Jr. walks readers through his experiences while his dad was running for president and after he won, he tells us about some of his childhood, the Meuller investigation, dealing with the media and outrage mob, cancel culture, and lays some rumors to rest. Don Jr. tells readers, in candid terms, what happened to the campaign and how they handled the over-the-top way the media handles any and all things Trump.

The book begins with a clear and simple warning or disclaimer – the author warns potential readers about the type of information contained in the book, who would like it, who wouldn’t like it and why they should either read it or not. The warning went something like if you value feelings over facts, if you don’t like evidence and statistics, if you hate President Trump, America, hunting, guns, freedom, religion, the Constitution, the police, the truth, etc. – then this is not the book for you. Now that everyone has been warned, let’s dive in! 

Next, the author wastes no time writing about the many attacks and negative press the Trump Administration and family receive daily, and how he’s shocked that they didn’t expect the Trump Administration and family wouldn’t counter the media with facts on the issue or speak about their personal experiences in any capacity. He talks about how he is a lot like his father in that they will always, or usually “counterpunch” after the first attack is thrown. This way of thinking and reacting to attacks has probably landed Don Jr. in some hot water from time to time, but his messages resonate with MAGANation and many other sane people who see things in a similar way. Don Jr. goes on to equate the modern-day Democrat Party to a building built on “faulty foundations”. The analogy is that a building built on faulty foundation either will not stand, will not stand for long, or will begin to lean or tilt and require almost immediate repair – in this case he uses the Millennium Tower in San Francisco. 

Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us by Donald Trump Jr. hardcover book front cover.

The author cites the following facts as reasons why the Democrat Party was built on faulty foundations: 

  • Built on Jim Crow-style racism
  • Support of the KKK and slavery
  • Greatly opposed to Abraham Lincoln (who freed the slaves)

Based on these facts alone, I’m inclined to agree with Don Jr.’s assessment. He continues with the analogy by stating that Democrats have added floors to the foundation. Those floors that have been added are: 

  • “A widespread welfare state”
  • Restrictions (limitations) on businesses
  • “Political correctness”
  • Soviet-style socialism
  • Antifa (now a domestic terrorist group)

Democrats didn’t plan their building very well. A strong analogy by Donald Trump Jr.; during this chapter, Don Jr. mentions the summers that he spent with his grandparents in communist Czechoslovakia and talks about his first-hand experiences with communism/socialism. He remembers how miserable it was to wait in line for needs such as food, clothing and water; he remembers how his grandparents always talked about how lucky he was to live in America. He remembers his grandfather working very hard everyday and remembers the vast differences between his life in America and summers in communist Czechoslovakia. 

Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us by Donald Trump Jr. hardcover book back cover.

In the following chapter titled “Class Warfare”, Don Jr. writes to readers about his time spent on his dad’s work sites when he was a child, teenager and young adult. He remarks on how meticulous his father was (and still is) when walking through the job sites; Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric have all gone with President Trump to a work site. He writes about how, during these visits, he would sit with “the union contractors and plumbers” during their lunch and talk. He also writes about how he always felt more comfortable around the average American worker rather than elite rich people that his father would entertain occasionally; he writes about his first job working at a casino and marina as a teenager making pretty good money between his wages and tips. Eventually a job at one of his father’s job sites becomes available so Don Jr. applies for the job thinking it would be more challenging than the work he was doing at the marina, that it would be more enjoyable and that he could make more money. 

Don Jr. starts the job at his father’s construction site operating heavy equipment and doing manual labor. When he first started this job, Don Jr. saw it as an opportunity for a promotion and to make more money. After a few days of work and doing some math, Jr. realizes that he’s, actually, doing more work and harder work for less money than he was making at the marina. He decides to bring this revelation up to his dad thinking that his father would think that it’s somehow bad, increase Don’s pay and move on. A quick side note is that this was probably my favorite part of the book – and make sure you use Trump’s voice when reading the scene between President Trump and Don Jr. It’s classic Trump. Anyway, the short answer was no, he would not pay Don Jr. more based on the explanation provided and because Don Jr. didn’t ask prior to accepting the position at the pay discussed. 

President Trump also points out that it would be stupid of him to pay Don Jr. more than what he thinks his time, talent and skills are worth, that nobody is going to pay him more (or at all) without the hard work necessary to ask for the money. He taught Don Jr. that he should not expect handouts from anybody and should always expect to work hard to earn anything. Don Jr. attended boarding school in Pennsylvania and points to this time as a time that he enjoyed as a teenager, that the mentor he had at the school made the experience mean more to him, that he cherishes the friendships that he made and watched as the jobs in the area left due to bad trade policies and massive government regulations on numerous industries. He remembers when they purchased Mar-a-Lago at a magnificent price and that he and his siblings used to “explore” the mansion and would play “epic” games of Hide-and-Go-Seek.

The author covers many “talking points” in this book working his best to dispel the media’s narrative with the truth about everything that has happened to the Trump family, administration and campaign. He presents some interesting information for readers to consider; the book is easy to read, sounds like a casual conversation between friends and was engaging. Readers who have similar political, cultural, economic, etc. views as Donald Trump Jr. will love this book while those with opposing views who are not open-minded and are easily offended will not enjoy this book despite the valid points presented in the book and how well it is written. 

I received this book as a Christmas gift last year and am just now getting around to reading it; anyway, if you’re not sure you want to spend on the book or that you’ll want to keep the book, you will want to check with your local library or libraries to see if they have a copy, can request a copy from a partner institution or are willing to obtain a copy for their shelves. If not, then it may be a good idea to check a local used bookstore for a used copy of the book to save a little dough or if you just know you’re going to love it or can’t wait to read it, you can purchase a hardback copy at Barnes and Noble for $30.00 (Members pay only $26.99!).

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