The Trump Prophecies: The Astonishing True Story of the Man Who Saw Tomorrow by Mark Taylor is a non-fiction, autobiography, prophecy (no better or more accurate word used to describe it) book told in the first-person point of view by Mr. Mark Taylor. The updates in the book are in the third-person since they are not the voice of the story’s narrator (Mr. Taylor). Mr. Taylor begins the book with a small introduction telling readers about a clear prophecy that he receives from God about President Trump, who was only a citizen, developer, billionaire at the time the prophecy was given. Then the book moves to Mark describing to readers the people who influenced his life significantly, the experiences that made a lasting impression on his life and his long career as a firefighter – his lifelong dream. 

As the author takes readers on his long road to becoming a firefighter, he also establishes that his family has a strong Christian background/upbringing and that he was raised with a strong Christian foundation. After spending many years as a firefighter, the stress of the job was beginning to take its toll on Mark, so he decided to retire. At first things improved such as his health both physically and mentally, but suddenly, Mark became very ill. He was unable to keep food down, eventually stopped eating, lost a lot of weight, became weak, and experienced other debilitating symptoms as well. Mark went to many doctors for help with this illness, but many of them were not able to figure out what was wrong with Mark. 

It is during this very difficult time of illness that Mr. Taylor describes as feeling like he is going to die, that he started having visitations, visions and dreams from the Lord. Mark decided to ask some friends about his visitations, visions and dreams from the Lord to see what they think the events mean. Although each event was different, what became clear was that God was preparing Mark for something. Not long after Mark started having visitations, visions and dreams from the Lord, he began hearing prophecies from the Lard. One instance he describes in the book is when he’s nonchalantly watching TV that happens to be an interview with Donald J. Trump, and while Trump is speaking during the interview, Taylor clearly hears a voice tell him that he is listening to the voice of a president. 

Immediately Mark began writing down the prophecies and dating them. Since this journey began (the new one post-retirement) Mark began receiving or hearing prophecies from the Lord about many different topics, people, organizations, entities, churches, etc. Eventually, Mr. Taylor meets his now-editor, shares the prophecies with her and begins to mobilize evangelicals all over the place to pray. Mark finally meets with a doctor who is able to figure out what is wrong with Mark after ordering a blood test. The book follows a very simple format: the author explains the context around the prophecy, gives the prophecy, then explains what the prophecy means in the context given, why it’s relevant and whether it has happened yet or not. There are updates for the prophecies such as whether the prophecy has begun, if it is complete or dependent on something else happening first. 

I found the book easy to read, interesting and inspiring; Mr. Taylor puts the information together well and ties it together nicely. He doesn’t spend a lot of time talking about himself outside of his career as a firefighter. He gets right to the events leading up to his encounters with God and the prophecies that God gave to him. The author comes across as honest, authentic, genuine and earnest – he is clear with readers when he is speculating on what the prophecy means or what it would look like when it happens. The author does a good job weaving scriptures into the book as a way to show God’s character to readers and to show how God has used all sorts of people throughout the years to perform miracles in His name. 

I will admit that i think that people who hate President Trump (and anything or anybody associated with him), aren’t interested in politics, Christianity, Trump, non-fiction, autobiographies and readers who don’t believe in God will not enjoy this book. People who are conservative Christians, Republican or Trumplican leaning in politics, and have conservative social views would probably enjoy this book. I do recommend that people who are open-minded, not easily offended, and are Christians to give this book a read. I purchased a copy from Amazon because Barnes and Noble either didn’t have the book in stock or it would take a while for them to restock the book or they weren’t carrying the books anymore or a combination of them. Either way, you can grab a paperback copy of the book from Amazon for about $11. 

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