The E-Myth Revisited is basically a how-to guide; it teaches any business owner the steps they would need to take if they had plans of franchising their business at any time or if they would like to have a business that runs well without them being there. The book even goes as far as to argue that each business owner should think and prepare as if they are going to franchise the business despite not having any plans to. The author walks readers through the steps they should take when setting up their business – no matter what business they are in and explains why it is important. It works with selling products and services.

He mentions that the business owner should always keeps in mind the passion or reason for the business. He argues that keeping this in mind helps to motivate business owners, but also provides the business owners with direction and purpose. He also notes that these elements can be written into a business’ processes, procedures, rules and regulations. The author emphasizes that if these elements are effectively translated from the business owner to their employees, the employees will be motivated by the same passion to provide customers with a great experience. The customers will have such a wonderful experience that they will be eager to return for future purchases and will be glad to tell their network of friends and family. Mr. Gerber highlights that this only works best if customers have the same outstanding experience (or better) each time they purchase the product or service. If the service, product, customer experience, etc. is not the same (or better) each time they purchase (experience) it, you’ll have a hard time maintaining life long customers and getting referrals via word of mouth.

Let me start this review by saying that I’m a business nerd. I mean true blue business nerd; business nerd meaning I research random companies, ask random questions like “What company owns X company?” “Was this an acquisition or a merger?” And so on. So, that should explain why I read this book, love this book and would recommend this book to others. I thought the book was very interesting; there were times when I did not want to put the book down. There were other times where I felt I needed to be taking notes so I could better run my business. There were others who echoed my sentiments regarding the book when I posted a photo of it on Instagram. Overall, after finishing the book, there were some changes I wanted to make in my own business and I have to admit that it made me look at jobs, job positions, businesses and franchises differently. I did enjoy reading it and recommend the book to any business owner, manager, entrepreneur, business student or business enthusiast.