Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella is a romance and contemporary fiction novel all rolled into one. It is the story of Lexi Smart, a young woman and employee of Deller Carpets in the flooring department. She works with her best friends, Fi (short for Fiona), Debs (Deborah), and Carolyn. They usually eat lunch together and on Fridays after work, they hang out at the bar for drinks or go to karaoke. On this particular night, they chose karaoke; Lexi also has a boyfriend whom she (lovingly, I guess) refers to as “Loser Dave” – no joke.

Lexi gets upset as the night progresses because she realizes that “Loser Dave” stood her up…again. As Lexi is rushing down the wet stairs (it had rained) to hail a taxi, she slipped, fell and bumped her head. Or that’s what Lexi last remembers when she wakes up in a hospital room with bandages. Groggy and dazed from her ordeal, Lexi learns from hospital staff that she was involved in a bad car accident in which she bumped her head; this confuses Lexi because she can’t drive – she doesn’t know how.

Eventually Lexi learns that due to her accident, she has forgotten three years of her life. She is shocked to find out that she’s lost weight, got her teeth straightened and whitened, has a high paying job, owns expensive things, new friends and has a very handsome husband. Lexi has to spend the time trying to figure out who she has become and how she got to that point. Her husband’s name is Eric and he seems caring and thoughtful. Lexi has a hard time adjusting to her new life because its not very representative of who she really is. After a few days in the hospital, Lexi is released and can go home. She decides to stay with Eric rather than her mother for various reasons, but says its because the doctor’s said that getting back to her normal routine may help bring back some memories.

As Lexi tries to settle into her new life, she begins gathering clues about her life over the past three years; she learns about her life with Eric, tries to readjust to her working life as a supervisor of flooring rather than an employee, she is trying to navigate old friendships and new. She also meets Eric’s business partner Jon who tells Lexi that they are lovers and that she was going to leave Eric for him before her accident. Of course, she doesn’t remember any of this. Lexi goes through each day trying to adjust to her new life while meeting with anyone (even Loser Dave) who can give her information about what happened over the last three years to make her change.

“Remember Me?” is a funny romantic novel that I couldn’t put down. There are times when I would feel bad or embarrassed for Lexi, but she’s my favorite character in the novel because she has good intentions and is a good friend. My second favorite character is Jon because you can tell that he really cares for Lexi, he seems stoic or almost like a loner and he’s confident. At first, I thought the story was going to be a not-so-happy ending by conventional standards, but Kinsella turned it around and it somehow ended up every bit as happy as an ending could be. I recommend this book to young adult readers who love a good romantic novel or who is looking for a new author or new genre of book to read. I also recommend this book to older women who enjoy funny romance novels or who enjoy the author of this book, Sophie Kinsella. She seems to be an author that I love as I’ve added a fairly good amount of her book titles to my list of book I want to read. I ended up borrowing this book from my local library, but I liked it so much that I am considering purchasing a copy for myself. Although I plan to check my local used book store, Pauper’s Books before going to a bigger retailer, you can purchase this book at Barnes & Noble for $17.00 ($13.60 for Members) or Amazon for $15.44 (not a Prime item).

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