Have you ever started reading a book thinking you know how the book will end only to find out that the book doesn’t end that way? Noah’s Wife by Lindsay Starck is her first novel; it is a contemporary fiction novel about a minister named Noah and his wife; the story begins with how Noah and his wife (who never receives a name, by the way) meet, their courtship and wedding. Noah’s wife is described as someone who never complains, is always willing to help others and is very supportive. She has a tragic past in which her mother dies in an accident when she is young, then her sister moved away not long after their mother died and did not keep in touch with Noah’s wife.

She ends up rooming with a med student, Dr. Yu, who ends up becoming her best friend before she meets and marries Noah. When Noah and his wife meet, they are on a boat during a storm – Noah’s the captain and she is a photographer for a local studio who was sent on an assignment. He notices that she’s uncomfortable and she notices how calm he is. They are drawn to each other and begin dating soon after. The novel tells the story of Noah and his wife, how Noah takes an assignment to minister a church in a town where it has been constantly raining for months or years and whose previous minister abandoned them.

This novel follows a cast of characters through the terrible rainstorm – the townspeople, some notable ones being, Mrs. McGinnis, her daughter and husband, the zookeeper (Mrs. McGinnis’ daughter’s fiancée), and Leesl (the person who played the organ at the church). There is the weatherman who comes to warn them of the dangers of staying in the town. There is Noah and his wife, and Mauro the resident general store owner. It also follows the story of Dr. Yu and her father who are both dealing with the loss of mother and wife respectively; the novel is a loose adaptation of the story of Noah’s Ark from the Bible.

I thought I knew how this story would end since I thought it was a modern-day retelling of the story from the Bible. The story is good, but it seems more of an exploration of hope and faith; how faith and hope manifests differently in each person. I was surprised by the ending to say the least. I hesitated before continuing because I was so certain as to how the book was going to end. When I realized (in the last two pages) that the book was not going to end in the way that I thought, I was shocked I hadn’t realized it sooner. At first, I wasn’t sure I was going to like the story, but in the end and after thinking about it, I like it a lot. It is a good story and I think the author explores some other topics too, faith and hope are the just the main two. If you’re open to reading any fiction novel, then this would be an interesting read for you. If you’re curious (like I was) about a modern-day story loosely based on Noah’s Ark from the Bible, then you might be interested in reading this book. I recommend grabbing this book from your local library, if its available. If it’s not, you’re really interested in reading this book and can’t wait, you can purchase the book for $19.29 at Barnes & Noble or $18.59 at Amazon.

This is the last book review for 2017; come back for my next post which will highlight my favorite books from 2017 and how I fared in my 2017 Goodreads challenge. I’ll also let you know which books from the list I ended up purchasing or that I received as a gift! Happy holidays and many thanks to those who diligently followed along.