Disney, in all of their capitalistic wisdom, decided to have the recent live action Beauty and the Beast adapted into a novel to sell – enter Disney Beauty and the Beast Novelization adapted by Elizabeth Rudnick. The story takes places in the small French town and follows the movie as it is. It begins the same way as in the animated movie – Belle leaves her house to grab a different book and as she walks through town singing about how everyday the people in the town do the same thing, but she wants something more, the villagers are singing about how beautiful she is, but strange.

The story is the same so I won’t take you through the whole story again because it is the tale as old as time. The author/adapter did a good job transforming the screenplay into a novel; I enjoyed reading it more than I enjoyed watching it. Both, the movie and the book, are good, but I simply enjoyed reading it more.

I’m still not a fan of the changes they made from the animated movie to the live action one, somehow reading the changes didn’t make me cringe as much and I could just speed read through the parts that I don’t like. My favorite characters in this novel are the Beast/Prince, Belle and Lumiere. I like the Beast/Prince because behind his cold exterior was an insecure man just wanting to be loved. I also like that he changed. I like Belle because of her stubbornness once she’s made her mind up to do something and that reading is her number one choice for entertaining herself. Who wouldn’t choose that as their first choice, right? I like Lumiere because of his laid-back personality and because he says one or two things that my husband has said to me before. Overall, I like the parts with Belle and the Beast/Prince, but some of the other parts I could do without. My biggest disappointment was the Lefou character; I’m not a big fan of the noticeable changes made to the character. Those changes, in my opinion, made this version of Lefou completely different from the original Lefou – just didn’t like it.

I found this book in the kids or young readers part of the books area at Target; I would recommend this book for anyone who is a fan of Disney, to anyone who likes (or loves) the live action movie or to anyone who is curious about what happens in the movie, but doesn’t want to sit through it. I recommend it to fans of Beauty and the Beast as long as they don’t mind the variations that were present in the movie. I purchased this book for just under $10 ; you can check your local Target to see if they have this book as well. If you’re not sure you’re going to like the book, I suggest seeing if your local library has a copy you can check out. Another option that we have available here is a used book store; ours is excellent (one of my other favorites places to spend time) because of the variety and number of books they have available for purchase as well as the prices. We love heading over there to see what they have. You can also purchase a copy from Barnes & Noble for $8.99 or Amazon for $8.95 (and Prime too!). Paperback edition.