Disney Princess Beginnings: Belle’s Discovery by Tessa Roehl is the second book in this series – I think Cinderella is the first. This is a young kid’s chapter book, and by young I mean 6-8 years old. At 126 pages with pictures in the book too, it is not a long read and makes for a fun chapter book for young readers. The two reasons I grabbed this book is because it was on sale at Target for about $4 and it’s about young Belle – like elementary school age Belle saving a local bookstore. I. Couldn’t. Pass. This. Up. So, without further ado, I’ll tell you about this story.

It begins with young Belle attending school in her small town in France. She still doesn’t quite fit in despite trying to; friends with similar interests as Belle are hard to come by for her. Usually a few of Belle’s classmates tease her, others shun her and the rest don’t really pay attention to her. Belle quickly finds out that making friends is not going to be easy for her. One day, she spots the classmates who usually tease her terrorizing a cat outside an abandoned bookstore. Belle gets them to leave the cat alone, but the cat scurries, frightened, into the abandoned bookstore! Sweet, thoughtful and kind Belle just couldn’t bear the thought of leaving the cat there, so she heads inside the bookstore. Inside, the bookstore looks nothing like it does outside – it’s not without wear and tear, but it is not run down and there are books on all of the shelves inside. She soon realizes the bookstore is not abandoned, haunted or closed just forgotten. The owner, Hugo, hasn’t held any events at the store since her daughter married and left. She hasn’t advertised the store being open for business either; she’s just sat quietly in the store waiting for her daughter to return. Not long after her initial visit, Belle begins heading to the bookstore to read everyday after school; one day, while Belle was in the bookstore reading, she overhears a conversation between one of the town’s wealthiest ladies and Hugo. The woman was pressuring Hugo into selling the shop and getting rid of the books and Hugo hadn’t made up her mind fully about the sale of the shop.

Belle is heartbroken and decides to come up with a way to save the bookstore. She can’t do it alone and needs the help of others; the story tells of Belle helping others and learning that she can make friends just being herself. I thought the book was a cute adaptation and the author made sure to keep young Belle close to character as older Belle with some changes. Belle is my favorite character in this story because of her creativity, determination, ambition and planning skills – she loves to read and has good intentions. I would recommend this book to any young girl reader who enjoys Disney Princesses or whose favorite character is Belle. I also recommend it to any woman who is a Disney Princess fan and/or a Belle fan – you’ll enjoy the cute tale about your favorite princess as a young girl. I recommend checking your nearest Target store to see if this story is available and on sale; if it isn’t or you don’t care about getting the book on sale, then you can purchase the book for $6.99 or $5.84 for members at Barnes & Noble; Amazon is charging $5.65 and it’s a Prime item too for any members out there!

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