Against All Odds by Danielle Steel is a fiction novel involving a family; the mother Kate is a clothing resale store owner who is widowed. We find out that she was widowed at a young age and had to raise four kids practically by herself. The novel centers around Kate, her four children and their relationships. Her oldest child is Isobelle, also called Izzie, then she had twins Justin and Julie and lastly she had Willie. Kate’s mother, Grandma Lou, helped her when she was raising the kids alone and is still an integral role in their lives.

The novel follows Kate and each child through their relationships; the novel offers some surprises, but there were other parts of the story that were predictable. In the end, some relationships stand the test of time and others do not. However, it’s a feel good story and everything works out in the end.

Overall, I did not hate the book, but not quite sure that I loved the book either. It moved along well enough that I didn’t get bored with it and put it down, but it wasn’t the type of book that is so enticing you can’t put it down. I had to plow through this book because it is a 7-day rental and needs to be returned to the library soon, but if I had the typical two weeks, I’m not sure I would have read the book as quickly as I did. It was a good book for a leisurely read; its great for moments when you have spare time to read, but don’t want to get into anything too engrossing.

I did not have any expectations about this book and therefore, did not suffer any disappointments. Overall, it’s a typical Danielle Steel novel; I would recommend it to anyone who typically likes her work and romance novels. If you’re like me and don’t mind reading most things, then you wouldn’t mind reading this book. I would check to see if your local library has it – if you’re just dying to buy it then Amazon has it and Barnes & Noble has it.

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